2020-21 Staff

Some of us are English majors. Some of us are talented chefs. Some of us sell you poetry on Court Street late at night. But all of us are undergraduates at Ohio University who love celebrating our peers’ creative work.

Andrea Gapsch

Managing Editor

Andrea (she/her) is a senior at Ohio University, majoring in English through the Honors Tutorial College. She has a minor in History and a certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In addition to her work on Sphere, she is a tour guide on campus, and an intern at the Ohio University Press.

Jade Braden

Treasurer, Secretary, Head Fiction Editor

Jade (she/her) is a senior pursuing an English major and a Spanish minor. She is currently working on her undergraduate thesis in creative writing which explores literary representation of feminism, queerness, and mental illness. She loves knitting, the occult, and the tender yearning captured in ‘the hand scene’ from Pride and Prejudice.

Kayla McGinnis

Head Nonfiction Editor

Kayla (she/her) is a senior English-creative writing major in the Honors Tutorial College. She additionally is minoring in Spanish and studies many courses within the media arts department. Kayla is very involved with multiple organizations, such as being president of the Jitterbug Club. 

Kate Altany

Head Poetry Editor

Kate (she/her) is a junior at Ohio University completing an English degree through the Honors Tutorial College. She is also a tutor in the Student Writing Center. When Kate isn’t actively dismantling the Matrix, she likes to hang out with her adopted dog Greyson and sing along to Simon and Garfunkel.

Contact me: ka906517@ohio.edu

Hannah Hoover

Head Art Editor

Hannah (she/her) is a senior at OU majoring in Creative Writing. Lately she’s been exploring multimedia work and the relationship between literary and visual art. She enjoys collaging, erasure poems, thunderstorms, and watching bad horror movies from the 80s.

Anna Wilhelm

Digital Editor, Fiction Staff Editor

Anna (she/her) is a junior at Ohio University. She majors in English with a creative writing concentration through the Honors Tutorial College and minors in History. Acoustic guitars appear in all of her favorite movies. Relatedly, she likes Chris Thile too much.

Contact me: aw153617@ohio.edu

Camellia Azzi

Fiction Staff Editor

Camellia (she/her) is a junior majoring in English and minoring in French. In her free time, she enjoys travel photography and finds writing inspiration through the lens.

Peter Russ

Fiction Staff Editor

Peter (he/him) is a senior studying creative writing. In the past, he has enjoyed traveling to the Philippines.

Anna Garnai

Fiction Staff Editor

Anna (she/her) studies English through the Honors Tutorial College. She is a sophomore. During quarantine, she has been taking care of a sourdough starter that she has named Charles. She tries to bake with it weekly, and her best recipe so far has been sourdough waffles.

Rachael Beardsley

Fiction Staff Editor

Rachael (she/her) is a senior majoring in journalism through the Honors Tutorial College and minoring in Spanish. She is also an environmental reporter for the Voinovich School and recently interned with Cleveland Magazine. If this were Avatar, she would be an airbender.

Will Bower

Poetry Staff Editor

Will (he/him) is a junior at Ohio University. He is an English major with a creative writing concentration. His favorite author is not Ernest Hemingway.

Owen Jokinen

Poetry Staff Editor

Owen (he/him) is a freshman communications studies major. He also minors in math. A fun fact about him is that he once had to be escorted by the national guard.

Maddy McFadden

Poetry Staff Editor

Maddy (she/her) is a senior Creative Writing major and Studio Art minor. She is the president of the Ambassadors to the Survivor Advocacy Program (ASAP). She loves her nephews, writing poems, building sculptures, making audio pieces, and she’d be happy to talk to you about her analysis of the evocative color palette in the film Carol.

Colleen McLafferty

Poetry Staff Editor

Colleen (she/her), a freshman, majors in History through HTC, and she minors in English with a focus in Creative Writing. She loves hiking, passionate orchestral music, and all sorts of villains (specifically Macbeth and Abigail Williams).

Gina Gidaro

Nonfiction Staff Editor

Gina (she/her) is a senior at Ohio University and will graduate with a Creative Writing major, a Studio Art minor and an Associates in Arts and Humanities. You can find her collecting books, cleaning, or watching horror movies. She also won’t get angry when you pronounce her last name wrong. 

Troy Hardman

Nonfiction Staff Editor

Troy (they/them) is a senior majoring in English Literature and Writing and minoring in Spanish and Communication Studies. They will also graduate with certificates in Creative Writing and in Diversity Studies. Troy loves exploring abandoned places, and they are a LINKS Peer Mentor for OMSAR.

Autum Meyers

Nonfiction Staff Editor

Autum (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in Journalism and Screenwriting. She is part of OU’s Harry Potter Alliance student org and spends way too much of her time obsessing over Star Wars with her dad.

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