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Sixty Five


“Is there anything more exquisite than you? Anywhere more remotely close than where we are? Or any idea more intuitive than what the treasure of summer can bring?”

Isaiah Underwood, “Phases of Summer”

managing editor

andrea gapsch

faculty advisor

mark halliday


hannah hoover

digital editor

anna wilhelm

genre editors

fiction: jade braden

nonfiction: kayla mcginnis

poetry: kate altany

art: hannah hoover

fiction staff

peter russ

rachael beardsley

anna wilhelm

camellia azzi

anna garnai

“I wished I could think of something other than him, but he’d nested himself so tight to the rings in my teeth I couldn’t even pull him from the words I spoke.”

Sarah Hecker, “Cherry Vanilla Cola”

poetry staff

will bower

owen jokinen

maddy mcfadden

colleen mclafferty

nonfiction staff

gina gidaro

troy hardman

autum meyers

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