letter from the editor

Hello Sphere readers,

I am Andrea, the Managing Editor of Sphere Magazine for both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. 

This year has been momentous for several reasons. However, the Sphere staff is proud to offer some positive news—the release of the digital edition of Sphere 64 and Sphere Magazine’s first website.

Due to restrictions on campus activity this past spring semester, we are releasing our magazine virtually for the first time ever. However, we do not want to stray from our tradition as the oldest print undergraduate literary journal on Ohio University’s campus. When we return to campus, the Sphere staff will immediately begin work on providing a print version of Sphere 64 for our authors and readers.

I am so proud of the work my staff and everyone involved in this edition of Sphere have done. I hope you enjoy this unique edition of Sphere, and please look out for news of our print release.

As for Sphere’s website, years of Sphere staff have been discussing this endeavor, and we are thrilled to finally achieve this goal. The dedicated work of our digital editor and website designer, Anna, has been vital to getting this project going. 

In future years, we are looking to complete our archive of older editions of Sphere. For now, please enjoy perusing the past two editions of Sphere, as well as information on Sphere Magazine and our staff members.
I am looking forward to continuing to lead Sphere Magazine in the fall. When we are able, we will continue fundraising events such as poetry sales, a release party for Sphere 64, and the beginnings of work on Sphere 65.

Students of Ohio University, I encourage you to keep writing! We hope to see your work submitted for consideration for Sphere 65 this upcoming fall.

Thank you,

Andrea Gapsch
Managing Editor
Sphere Magazine

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